Population Control- An attempt to weigh its efficiency #think_it_over Blog By Carmel Jaeslin B

Population Control- An attempt to weigh its efficiency #think_it_over Blog

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What comes up on your mind when you encounter the phrase Population Control? A very stupid question to raise, some would think, since the phrase itself suggests quite clearly. Well I am not of the habit of taking things for granted, and therefore would like to go ahead with discussing even the most mundane. So, “mostly”, a way towards sustainability, growth, eradication of poverty, solution to climate change, sterilization, contraception, are linked with ‘Population Control’, sometimes even geopolitics is. Efficiency, anyone? Didn’t it ever strike? Or did it but no one bothered enough? I wonder. All along, the world has been trying to cope with the ever increasing population and providing it with necessary resources […]

Substance Abuse- Discussing the Drug trap, Reasons and De-addiction. LIMEWIT Canvas Editorial for the #think_it_over Project by Lakshita Bisht

Substance Abuse- Discussing the Drugs trap, Reasons and De-addiction #think_it_over Blog

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The news of busted drug rackets at airports and drug abuse among the youth is not uncommon. What’s shocking is the fact that all these reportings and recorded figures in official documents doesn’t even account for a small percentage of a much bigger scenario based around this problem. Despite concentrated efforts by Governments and concerned agencies these substances make their way to the correct hands(Sarcastically!). What follows is a blame game, what goes unnoticed are its root causes. Most of the people are introduced to drugs in College. It’s out of peer pressure or the excitement to try something different and new that majority of them get involved in substance abuse. And before they can […]

Procrastination- The action of delaying or postponing something. #think_it_over Editorial Blog Post by Carmel Jaeslin Britto

Procrastination – Here’s something to be Proud of the ‘Act of Delaying’ – #think_it_over Blog

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While a few define it as delaying or postponing something, others prefer, social evil eating away productivity which enhances laziness. Commonly, procrastination, is believed to be, or moreover, preached to be bad, simply bad. It makes one put off tasks till later, miss deadlines, and sometimes instills guilt too, only sometimes. Our great scientists and psychologists have conducted plenty of researches on procrastination, procrastinators, and non- procrastinators (calling them normal people wouldn’t be correct) and have concluded with no definite conclusion. We still have as always three groups, one that opposes, one that supports, and lastly the one that does both, or neither.

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Life After Abuse – An Unconventional Approach #think_it_over Blog

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Towards the climax of M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological horror thriller film, Split, James McAvoy’s character takes on his last and most terrifying personality out of 23 others and transforms into “The Beast”. “The Beast” then proceeds to kill and eat all his captors but one. Casey, his remaining captor, locks herself behind bars in a last ditch attempt to protect herself. She shoots him through the bars but he is apparently unaffected and seconds later, he grabs hold of the bars, bending them apart, when finally his gaze falls upon the self-inflicted scars all over Casey’s shoulders and torso – a reminder of her disturbing childhood during which she was molested by her Uncle, who […]

13 Reasons Why doesn’t glorify Teenage Suicide but shifts attention towards the triggers

13 Reasons Why doesn’t glorify Teenage Suicide but shifts attention towards the triggers – #think_it_over Blog

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The much talked about Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’, that revolves around the issue of teenage suicide has sparked off controversies and concern across the world. The show raised eyebrows as well as a question mark on the efforts towards creating a sound environment for teenagers. Authorities, mental health professionals and critics feel the intriguing Drama glorifies Teenage suicide and are issuing advisories as well as exercising censorship restricting teenagers from watching it. Hannah Baker was a regular teenaged girl. She died. More specifically, she killed herself. But why? The show raises issues and it raises them hard to a point where people start feeling uncomfortable. It takes them through the most sensitive and volatile […]

Why women choose marriage over career?- LIMEWIT Canvas Editorial by Writ Majumdar

Why women choose marriage over career? – #think_it_over Blog

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“Why doesn’t she get married?”, whisper my classmates as she enters the class. “She’s over 30”, they continued, as they do every day during the lectures of a professor. “Why is that your problem?”, I shot back. One of them says- “You need to get married and settle down with somebody after a certain age”. I sigh, thinking that this professor, like thousands of other women, will be made to sacrifice her career at the altar. Good education for a woman is just seen as a means of securing a better groom. Marriage is just seen as the ultimate goal, not just as an important milestone. From the time of birth it is drilled in […]

FRIENDS meet Hey There Delilah

FRIENDS meets Hey There Delilah – Poem – By Tikli

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Hey there Monica? Don’t you worry about the distance Chandler would be there if you get lonely give his sarcasm another listen. Close your eyes. You’ll find him by your side. Hey there Joey, I know time’s getting hard but just believe me love, someday phoebe will pay the bills with her guitar, You’ll have it good You’ll eat all the food you knew you would! Hey there Ross? You need to understand it’s hard for Rachel to watch you begin again, so keep both of ya broken dreams aside and take each other’s time. I wish you all live a life with no regrets, you’re all my lifeline and you all deserve to shine […]

All it takes is courage. LIMEWIT Canvas Editor's Touch. By Shruti Mehta

All it takes is Courage – #think_it_over Blog

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Has it ever happened to you? There was this one thing that you really wanted to do, you had all the willingness it needed, you had all the resources it could possibly take and you did not go ahead with it because you weren’t sure if it would work out? It has happened to me. I took a trip to Dehradoon with my college friends. I was very excited about everything that I imagined we’d do. Little did I know that I would come back with an experience that would change my perspective, entirely. As a part of the trip, we decided to go on a trek to the George Everest peak. I was scared […]