13 Reasons Why doesn’t glorify Teenage Suicide but shifts attention towards the triggers

13 Reasons Why doesn’t glorify Teenage Suicide but shifts attention towards the triggers – #think_it_over Blog

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The much talked about Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’, that revolves around the issue of teenage suicide has sparked off controversies and concern across the world. The show raised eyebrows as well as a question mark on the efforts towards creating a sound environment for teenagers. Authorities, mental health professionals and critics feel the intriguing Drama glorifies Teenage suicide and are issuing advisories as well as exercising censorship restricting teenagers from watching it.

Hannah Baker was a regular teenaged girl. She died. More specifically, she killed herself. But why?
The show raises issues and it raises them hard to a point where people start feeling uncomfortable. It takes them through the most sensitive and volatile years of one’s life- Teenage and the failings of the society in providing them the right atmosphere to grow and flourish.

Here are the issues highlighted by the Show:

  • Hannah Baker was bullied. People consider bullying as an integrated culture of the society. All of us have been bullied or have bullied others at some point of our lives, but such actions can sometimes have a long lasting impact on someone’s life.
  • Bad parenting. The perception behind growing up for most teenagers is attaining a sense of independent control of their lives rather than being controlled by their parents. Parents must respect their sentiments, but must ensure an emotional connect with their child, making it easier for the child to know who to approach at times of huge distress.
  • People fail to read signs of distress. Hannah Baker cried for help multiple times, but no one could apprehend. Thus, proper and timely Counsel is not provided to a teenager who tends to scramble and complicate situations by ending up connecting the wrong dots.
  • Hannah Baker had no close friends. When things don’t go well in life, sometimes all we need is an ear to listen our take on situations. Growing up, friends fill the void created between parents and teenagers. Thus, they are an important figure featuring on a teenager’s emotional schema.

    13 Reasons Why doesn’t glorify Teenage Suicide but shifts attention towards the triggers
    Photo: Netflix

Netflix pulled off its part well. If raising plaguing issues and bringing them to mainstream attention is glorifying suicide, then maybe the company is to be blamed, however, blamed for good. Shouldn’t the authorities now realize their responsibilities, fall back to the drawing board and work towards providing teenagers with a safe and healthy environment? Shouldn’t we as a society work towards improving everything we can?

The Show delivers a message for each one of us. Take it or not, a change is inevitable.

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