All it takes is courage. LIMEWIT Canvas Editor's Touch. By Shruti Mehta

All it takes is Courage – #think_it_over Blog

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Has it ever happened to you? There was this one thing that you really wanted to do, you had all the willingness it needed, you had all the resources it could possibly take and you did not go ahead with it because you weren’t sure if it would work out?

It has happened to me.

I took a trip to Dehradoon with my college friends. I was very excited about everything that I imagined we’d do. Little did I know that I would come back with an experience that would change my perspective, entirely.

As a part of the trip, we decided to go on a trek to the George Everest peak. I was scared of heights and my friends weren’t familiar to this fact. We went ahead with the plan and started the trek. Initially, everything seemed good when we were at lower grounds. But as we moved forward, the fear started griping me tight. I still remember how I froze up in the middle of the trek and felt like I couldn’t breathe (Yes! It happened). As I took a little glance to my side, I could see we were almost halfway through. The tip of the mountain was close and my heart knew that the view up there must be something people yearn for. I decided not to turn back. In those few moments of fear, my introspection introduced me to my courageous side.
I took steps forward with all the strength I had. My physical strength was backed by my courage.
We reached the peak. I turned around cautiously as it was very steep and there was hardly any space to move. What I saw was something I’d never forget. A memory (now!) that won’t ever fade.

In front of me, was an envelope of clouds; a huge expanse of plain white serenity and in between the burning red of the setting sun. Could it be more beautiful? I cannot forget how strong I felt. Maybe it wasn’t really the view but the happy realization of being able to do what I never thought I’d be able to.

When I look back, I wonder what if I had told my friends that I won’t participate in that trek? I had all the resources, I was at the right place; I had everything it took to have completed that trek but ultimately, courage was what took me forward.

Those few moments of introspection made me realize a very simple thing

‘You are all the strength you need’.
Yes, courage is what it always takes…

I am your Poem

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I am the sketch of your thought,
The ink of your heart,
The carrier of your words,
And the synopsis of your belief.

I am created
from the array of emotions never made public,
The phase never spoken,
The parallel thought that made up half the reality,
And the weirdos you call realization.

I am the companion during your swings,
The keeper to your memorable memento,
The safe to your tears,
And the backer to your smile
as you grow.

I am the one you rely on
to relieve you of all the burden and pain inflicted,
to guide you through times tough and demanding,
and to hear you when no one has ears anymore
for you’ve grown up a person now.

For time might’ve settled for a smaller pace,
The world knows by now and so do you.
It’s here, Yes it is.
I’d still put up a face brave and tough,
I’d be your last breathe,
They call it the final expression, the last words.

It’s been a while now since you’re gone.
People say you’re dead,
I refuse to believe so,
I know you’re still there, somewhere inside me,
Inside the compilation of your life- The Told and the Untold,
The page never seen, the side never considered.

I am a poem,
I am your poem,
The casket of your life,
And I live on, so do you.


Breeze, It was just a Breeze

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It was just a Breeze
That struck me one day.

Was all I could make out
From my eyes just opened.
For I had a whole day that lied ahead
Journey was its name I coined.
Inexperienced, ill-trained I set my eyes on it.
From a side, extended a hand
Emotions played their part, I stood up and joined.

Hours passed by,
Noon came too soon.
My legs were weak, but fit enough for the streak.
I saw the breeze tremble a hundred times, but never failed to fit my old rhymes.
I saw it stop altogether, later flow again,
Again it stopped, flew again,
And again and again.
I ceased to count.

Was all I could make out now,
From my eyes tired and teary
For the day that passed by
Journey was its name I coined.
Experienced, well-drilled now, I glanced back at the day.
I saw the hand retreat and depart,
Emotions played their part,
I fell down.
My legs, both of them dead.

It was just a breeze,
That struck me one day.

By Lakshay Dhupar