FRIENDS meet Hey There Delilah

FRIENDS meets Hey There Delilah – Poem – By Tikli

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Hey there Monica?
Don’t you worry about the distance
Chandler would be there
if you get lonely
give his sarcasm another listen.
Close your eyes.
You’ll find him by your side.

Hey there Joey,
I know time’s getting hard
but just believe me love,
someday phoebe will pay the bills
with her guitar,
You’ll have it good
You’ll eat all the food you knew you would!

Hey there Ross?
You need to understand it’s hard for Rachel
to watch you begin again,
so keep both of ya broken dreams
aside and take each other’s time.
I wish you all live a life with
no regrets, you’re all my lifeline
and you all deserve to shine
cause y’all the greatest of all time.

Poem by Tikli(Instagram Profile)

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