Go Savour Life- Poem by Siya Sharma

Go, Savour Life – Micro Poem – By Siya Sharma

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Unveil your heart, beneath that hollow smile.
Reveal your mind, by the mouth that craves to speak.
Let the storm thunder itself behind that peaceful sheen in your eyes.
Let words dig deep, and escape shallowness of darkness.
Open your wings and fly, escaping the shackles of your feet.
And go, savour life.

A Poem by Siya Sharma

One thought on “Go, Savour Life – Micro Poem – By Siya Sharma

  1. WOW! This post by far my favorite! Pushing publish is a persistent fear that plagues me. The very thing I want is want I don’t want to face. Facing off with the enemy reveals I’m my own worst! Thank you for being awesome and bringing your expertise and excellence to my life with Tribe Writers. Can’t contain my excitement ahead!

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