A Random Thought

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A random thought, as it may have occurred usually,
Lend me your attention for a min or two.

Have you wondered how this compilation could’ve reached your attention and it’s field of view,
When it may have got nothing much to do with you.

Ever wondered how some randomness of some random words from a random brain,
Could do great, or could go down easily in vain.

Well, randomness here and how can someone forget this world,
Yes, in a world where every second brings up a random domain,
And with it, some random happiness and some pain,

A dozen old ethics and duties to commit,
Whether in bright sunlight, or rooms dimly lit.

You live random, move random, speak random,
To find nothing but a random trend to follow, which you term as your daily pick,

Where you face a random bastard many a time,
And still perform him a smile, and throw him some sweet words to lick.

Where you love the ruby, and throw yourself in a nascent valence band.

But before the ruby’s taken up, clap for yourself,
As there may have been no glitter in it, if there wasn’t you – It’s constituent sand.


Bring out some time,
From your so planned but still, in at the end of the day – a random life,

To praise the breathes you take in,
To honestly praise your losses, your wins.
To praise the load you carry so far,
To praise even if any wreck you are.
To praise your feelings, praise your emotions,
Praise your existence and in the end praise and pass this random notion,

For much said and maybe still many more things to include,

Applaud the randomness of this line or not, I hereby conclude…

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