Procrastination- The action of delaying or postponing something. #think_it_over Editorial Blog Post by Carmel Jaeslin Britto

Procrastination – Here’s something to be Proud of the ‘Act of Delaying’ – #think_it_over Blog

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“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.”
– Don Marquis

While a few define it as delaying or postponing something, others prefer, social evil eating away productivity which enhances laziness. Commonly, procrastination, is believed to be, or moreover, preached to be bad, simply bad. It makes one put off tasks till later, miss deadlines, and sometimes instills guilt too, only sometimes. Our great scientists and psychologists have conducted plenty of researches on procrastination, procrastinators, and non- procrastinators (calling them normal people wouldn’t be correct) and have concluded with no definite conclusion. We still have as always three groups, one that opposes, one that supports, and lastly the one that does both, or neither.

One group out of these three clearly seems to over-power the others, but this is changing, with the introduction of ‘Active Procrastination’. Procrastination is not all bad, it has benefits, a few. Procrastinators, to be a little more specific, active procrastinators have been observed to display increased levels of creativity in their work, possess good prioritizing skills, also their true potential is brought out when working under pressure, and above all, planning and thinking over one’s task before getting started with it is advantageous. However, all these “benefits” are associated with “active” procrastination, passive or the most typical kind of procrastination, where one just never wants to get into action, deserves criticism.

Procrastination- The Act of Delay #think_it_over Editorial Blog Post by Carmel Jaeslin Britto
If spending 4 hours sharpening an axe to cut down a tree in 6 hours is good. Then, so is Procrastination.

One can claim to have procrastinated in a positive manner only when the task that was put off till later is completed, and most importantly only when one feels that the delay was worthy enough. That is when one utilized that time for better things, either planning or doing anything more exciting. Another added advantage to procrastination is that one is constantly reminded by their conscience (or the panic monster) of the task that’s been pushed away or is unfinished and therefore wouldn’t find themselves in a fix among the forgetful people. Again, procrastination can be a boon, but one has to accept that it comes with its terms and conditions. For a more interesting perspective, look up Tim Urban’s TED talk- Inside the mind of a master procrastinator. He very interestingly and creatively explains the basics of procrastination (say hello to the Instant Gratification Monkey).

So, all those who are burdened with guilt over procrastinating or their inability to curb procrastination, don’t be. Be glad about your guilt and get your work done. Not right then, maybe, but you’ll get ‘em done, sometime, soon. Don Marquis will always be there to play devil’s advocate for you, just like he did for me. Sometimes it’s alright to grab your blanket and lay on the grass and stare at the stars, maybe by doing this you can procrastinate your existential worries for later. I am sure one will never regret this kind of procrastination. So, go grab your blanket!



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