Substance Abuse- Discussing the Drug trap, Reasons and De-addiction. LIMEWIT Canvas Editorial for the #think_it_over Project by Lakshita Bisht

Substance Abuse- Discussing the Drugs trap, Reasons and De-addiction #think_it_over Blog

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The news of busted drug rackets at airports and drug abuse among the youth is not uncommon. What’s shocking is the fact that all these reportings and recorded figures in official documents doesn’t even account for a small percentage of a much bigger scenario based around this problem. Despite concentrated efforts by Governments and concerned agencies these substances make their way to the correct hands(Sarcastically!). What follows is a blame game, what goes unnoticed are its root causes.
Most of the people are introduced to drugs in College. It’s out of peer pressure or the excitement to try something different and new that majority of them get involved in substance abuse. And before they can even realize they become an addict.
But, no one pauses to ponder even for a minute- Why is it that people are becoming more and more dependent and addicted to drugs?

Reasons(The lot that goes unnoticed)

  • Lack of right information- A very small percentage of the addicts are aware of different categories of drugs, their effects and the long-term ramifications. Most of these are just ignorant to the ill-effects these drugs may cause or are too addicted to realize.
  • To escape from reality- When life seems too monotonous and bland, criss-crossing through the lows, one feels these substance will ignite the fire needed. They even find solace in the drugs for a good night’s sleep and slowly develop a routine.
  • Vultures who try to exploit vulnerable people in order to make more cash- The most overlooked cause. They promote drug dependence and gradually mould the addicts into slaves and machines which only operate in accordance with their will.
Substance Abuse- Discussing the Drugs trap, Reasons and De-addiction. LIMEWIT Canvas Editorial for the #think_it_over Project by Lakshita Bisht
Why is it that people are becoming more and more dependent and addicted to drugs?

Gradually one gets addicted to the rush of blood, the rapid thumping of the heart, to the world of hallucinations, to the euphoria or to the numbness and sluggishness associated with substance abuse. They become so caught up in the temporary alternate realm of drugs that even when brought back to reality, they yearn to go back to the infinite hollow of escapism.

De-addiction and the way Forward

We all must comprehend that dependency on any sort of substance is not always a sign of weakness but that of helplessness. If we feel that someone is on his/her way towards becoming an addict or has already become one, it is our duty to warn and guide them to make an informed choice.

  • The foremost step towards de-addiction is forming a resolute towards seeking proper medical care. It must be kept in mind that suddenly discontinuing drugs can be life threatening. Thus, Certified Rehabilitation Facilities comprising a team of doctors, nurses and helpers have been established for those in need. They help the patient progressively get rid of drug dependence, providing them a healthy environment.
  • Apart from physical health, it is also necessary to ensure emotional and mental well-being. Friends and families of the patients must be informed about various withdrawal symptoms and the precautions to be taken. The patients at all times should have the support of their loved ones.
  • Proper counseling of the patients should be done to understand what made them fall into such a deadly trap. They should then be articulated why drugs are never the right alternative and that there are other better solutions. Psychologists work on the issues and fears of the patient and strengthen them mentally.

The trio of physical, mental and emotional care is the key to restore happiness of an ex-addict. Nobody can go back in life and start from where they left, but anyone can start today, learn from their mistakes and create a better future.

Catharsis awaits!

Written By Lakshita Bisht
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